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#1MillionTs Campaign – Be A Part Of The Change

Why do we do what we do? 

We believe in the possibility of a better and brighter South Africa for All South Africans

Our Plans can definitely be considered as Blueprints for Other African Countries too…



Be A Part Of It

Filling The Gap

We developed the #1MillionTs Campaign to address the financial resources challenge that limits the work that we do in a very interesting way. Gender-Based Violence is a multi-dimensional challenge and that’s why the #1MillionTs campaign objectives speak to several aspects:

1. To ensure justice for GBV victims, but this cannot be done without resources. 
2. To create contractual employment opportunities for at least 12 months for Voice It In Action – Representatives who will assist in ensuring the objectives are achieved.
3. To sustain and support the organization.
4. To support local businesses: The T-shirt will be produced by South African businesses from production to delivery.
5. To develop proactive solutions to ensure that GBV is stopped before it happens in the future.


How Do You Get Involved?

Get involved by becoming one or more of the following:

1. Partners

2. Participants

3. Representatives

4. The million people

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Awareness Campaigns/Activities/Programs)

16 Days of Activism Program (A call to participants, representatives, partners and supporters)
– Human Rights Day – 21 March 2022 (#1MillionTs – A call to 1 millions South Africans to start buying T-shirts)




Project Planning – Complete


Project Initialization – We are here


Project Implementation – Pending


Objectives Implementation – Pending