Creating Innovative Solutions to Curb Violence

VOICE IT IN ACTION (VIIA) is a registered N.P.C. Reg No. 2016/085283/08 and
P.B.O. Reg No. 930061466 Non-Profit Company that magnifies voices
into Action and other gender-based violence.

Problem Statement

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence in Africa

  • Violence and it’s effects: robbery, rape, domestic violence, murder and so much more (including Homelessness) continue to wreak havoc in our lives, as a country we are fine with it – so it seems, as a community we just don’t care – we’ve seen it, as families we only protect our own but for how long?, and as individuals we are just sitting back and watching.
  • The frustration, the anger and the pain continues to grow within individuals, their families and the greater community at large, resulting in the increased violence. People just don’t care and the spirit of Ubuntu is non-existent.

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VIIA Solution 

A SAFER, CLEANER and SUSTAINABLE community is possible through combined efforts. This will be achieved through strategically designed solutions in the form of campaigns, programs and services by Voice It In Action which will translate into the organizational strategies(OS).

Current OS: Strategy 2035

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Together We Can Make a Difference

We may not be able to change the world’s perspective concerning violence overnight, however,
we believe we can make a difference wherever we are with whomever we are with for one
common goal, to STOP Violence.

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Our strategic priorities up to 2035 are:
  • To reach 10 000 000 people – #AFWATOTFAV
  • To create 1 000 000 sustainable employment opportunities
  • To educate VIIA Ambassadors (students) at top ranking universities worldwide
Implementation Strategy Goals and Objectives
  • Creating Awareness (Which is the first step).
  • To empower and educate the individual for the future (through various solutions).
  • To protect those who need it most and the future generation against violence and its effects.

A Safe, Cleaner and Sustainable community is possible through combined efforts #VOICEITINACTION.


Become a Volunteer

VIIA is an organisation with limited resources. Currently all activities and programs have been running from a volunteer basis, with various spaces being sponsored for the objectives to be achieved.
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Our Events

Below are a list of VIIA’s events, not all the details are covered, however if details are required, please request for more details and more can be provided, alternatively please visit VIIA’s Facebook page VOICE IT IN ACTION which has posts, pictures and videos on the listed activities.

Eersterust Community Safety Parade

16 June
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